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    General conditions and General conditions of sale


The site is available to users subject to the acceptance of these GENERAL CONDITIONS and the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE. Users declare that they have read, understood and accepted these conditions. The language for this contract is French (it is translated into English for convenience).
SMALL ADS. With VIPTOVIP.COM buy, sell or rent anywhere in the world. Regional, national or international ads.



It is principally a site that connects private members with each other using a system of small advertisements.The site also provides members with the possibility of choosing a permanent option to make these advertisements public (advertisements displayed to members and non-members: “Public advertisements” tab). In addition, the site offers surfers a range of professional advertisements which are to be found in a different location from the private advertisements.
Our aim is to use your active participation and your own contacts or personal or professional friends to ensure that you make the most of a worldwide site, which is fully and exclusively at your disposal.


You have the possibility of communicating in French France or in English English, or both if you wish.


The site enables users to buy, sell, rent, exchange and search:
  • Member -> members only
  • Member -> members and the public (“Public advertisements” tab)
  • Member -> professionals
  • Non-member -> consult advertisements that members have made public
  • Non-member -> professionals


Consult this site for more informations https://www.internet-signalement.gouv.fr/PortailWeb/planets/Accueil!input.action

Any business with other members or third parties must be finalised by yourselves, VIP to VIP will not take any responsibility and will not take any commission for these transactions.

In accordance with the Law on IT and Liberties (law no. 78-17 of 6th January 1978), we inform you that the collection of compulsory information is necessary to process your request.
You have the right to access, modify, rectify and remove any data that concerns you.
You may exercise this right:
  • Either by writing to VIPTOVIP 2 rue de la violette F-55400 Mogeville FRANCE,
  • Or by sending an e-mail to: « contact@viptovip.com »,
  • Or by accessing your account directly.

Your personal data will not be communicated, lent, transferred or sold to anyone, except where a legal request is made. Internally, we will only use the strict minimum amount of data which is compulsory and necessary for administrative or accounting purposes. Your data is legally collected. Your data will not be made available to the public or any third party, except, however, for our technical service providers when they carry out operations on on our machines or programmes. These service providers are bound by the same confidentiality obligations as we are. To increase your security, you must keep your ID and passwords secret.

All online banking transactions are secured and we do not have access to your bank details for your online payments.

This site is hosted by OVH, which is recognised for its reliability, its availability, its professionalism and for the highest quality of its services.

By becoming a member of this site or by entering the site, whether you are a physical or moral person (private individual or professional), you promise that you will not reproduce, copy, circulate, publish or make public by any method, whether current or future, all or part of its content or programme and that you will not make public the names of any of its members, even if you enter into business with them via this site.

We will never ask you for your bank details by e-mail and any messages that we do send you by e-mail will be strictly limited to service requirements or will be sent with your prior agreement.


In general terms, whether it be for private or professional advertisers, the principle is the following :
  • Enter your advertisements using the pre-designed, easy to use forms.
  • Your advertisements appear as a strip which you then click on to open up a window on a page.
  • Advertisements are automatically classified by category and/or sub-category.
  • Sort, search and localisation possibilities.

  • PRIVATE MEMBERS (unlimited advertisements)
    The site enables members, who have paid their subscription fees in full, to place advertisements which will then be published immediately on this site. Throughout the duration of your subscription there are no restrictions on the quantity or category of the advertisements you place. To ensure that out-of-date advertisements do not remain online permanently, the default duration for the publication of an advertisement is set at 2 months. The advertisement disappears at the end of these 2 months, unless you re-publish it again before it expires. You will be sent a warning reminder by e-mail 1 week and 1 day before the advertisement expires. Through respect for other users and to ensure that you are not contacted unnecessarily, we will also ask you to remove any advertisements that are no longer valid.
    Any surfers who are interested in an advertisement have a contact form that enables them to contact you without seeing your contact details. You remain incognito on the site (unless you write your contact details yourself inside your advertisements).
    The advertisements are written by members under their own responsibility. In order to avoid any errors, you will be asked to check your advertisements before they are published.
    Your advertisement will immediately be published online once it has been checked and validated. You may then modify, delete or extend it as you wish (even while it is still being published).
    An adapted form is made available according to the category of your message. You can attach up to 6 photographs with the JPEG, GIF or PNG format, which readers will be able to enlarge by clicking on the photograph itself (however, only one photograph (of your face) is possible for the ‘meeting’ category, Surfers have a search and sorting engine at their disposal. This engine is able to locate you geographically and calculate an itinerary. A currency conversion tool is also available, but only for estimation purposes (you must consult your bank for currency exchange rates).
    The removal of an advertisement is definitive.
    We do not keep any of the advertisements which are removed. This means that any advertisement which is removed by you, by us or by the electronic programme 2 months after publication cannot be the subject of a complaint, or be made available again,(or any other measure) if it has not been republished before its expiration date.
    Your advertisements and invoices will be removed if you do not renew your registration before your account expires. We will send you a reminder e-mail 1 week before and then 1 day before the expiry date to renew your membership fee. If you do not renew this your account, your advertisements and your invoices will be removed by default with no additional reminder. You must then re-register again in full (as a new member).

  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBER (max 50 advertisements per pro)
    Professionals, traders, artists and artisans who are duly registered may advertise on the site. All domains of real estate may be covered, except where specifically prohibited by these General Conditions. All domains may be covered, except where specifically prohibited by these General Conditions.
    Advertisements will be placed in a separate « VIP PRO » category so that they can be freely accessed by members.
    The advertisements which you are able to modify, change or remove are valid for one year.
    You will receive a warning e-mail one week before and then one day before the expiry date of your account. This will be sent automatically so that you renew your membership fee. If the account validity date has expired, your account, your advertisements and your invoices will automatically be removed from the system without any additional reminder. You will then be required to re-register (as a new member).

    Any professional who registers via our online registration forms may be a professional member
    We may refuse any new application or subscription renewal from any professional who has already contravened the conditions of the site (warning, temporary exclusion, etc.) or who has caused problems for our members, without us needing to justify our reasons. When several members complain about a specific professional, we will send this professional a warning letter.
    Professionals must specify on their advertisements whether or not the price includes VAT, the amount or percentage of discount granted to members, the description of the goods being sold, the price of delivery and its zone limitations as well as delivery times. If they attach photographs to their advertisements these must be the exact representation of the goods for sale. The advertisements must only be placed in the category(ies) which have a direct relationship with the nature of the goods or service offered. We will automatically remove any advertisements which are incorrectly placed or which our members indicate as not conforming to these conditions, a warning letter will then be sent out.
    Surfers have a search and sorting engine at their disposal. This engine is able to locate you geographically and calculate an itinerary. A currency conversion tool is also available, but only for estimation purposes (you must consult your bank for currency exchange rates).
    If you are paying by cheque or bank transfer, you may only advertise once we have been informed that the payment has been received in our account. We will then send you your secret code which will enable you to access the site.
    You accept the rules governing distance selling and certify that if you present goods on this site which belong to another brand you have the authorisation from the owner of the said brand to show, sell and use the logo. You also certify that none of the goods present on this site are counterfeit. In this framework, we are prepared to cooperate with the legitimate owners of the brands if they make a justified request.

    No advertisements may be repeated within the same category (same goods, same services, etc.). We will automatically remove these advertisements and you will receive a warning.


  • To the veracity and accuracy of the information provided and/or advertised.
  • To respect copyright, brand rights and patent law.
  • To respect all intellectual property rights or manufacturing secrets.
  • To not infringe any laws or regulations, including those governing export rules, unfair competition and consumer protection.
  • To not provide any false advertising.
  • To not be libellous or defamatory or make false statements.


We, on the one hand, and you on the other are independent parties, with each acting in its own name and on its own behalf. It is expressly understood and agreed that the site, in exchange for the payment of an membership fee (by private individuals and professionals) grants its members advertising space over the course of a year, a month or a week. This space is your own personal space and is not the responsibility of us.

Everything published on this site, from members, private individuals or professionals, is placed online under the sole responsibility of its respective authors.

Under no circumstances may we be held responsible for the accuracy of any of its advertisements. Users are solely responsible for the text, sounds and/or images published. The site only provides a medium by which to advertise. Members promise to compensate us for any prejudice it may suffer as a result and to provide a guarantee to us against any action based on these assertions
We will not intervene, under any circumstances, in any direct transactions between buyers and sellers
We do not assume any responsibility for the quality, safety or legality of the articles listed; nor for the truth or accuracy of the advertisements published online; nor for the ability of buyers to buy or sellers to sell the said goods and services

We reserve the right to simply refuse (without any need to state its reasons) a membership or an advertisement where the text, images, nature, presentation or spirit appear to be contrary to its commercial or moral interests, without any obligation other than to refund money paid.

Users promise to compensate, pay damages to and guarantee us against any losses, complaints, lack of earnings, damages, costs and responsibility to which the site may be subject because of any complaint or action by a third person following the publication of an announcement that violates the rules contained in these General Conditions.

You accept to guarantee the site, its directors and employees against any demand or complaint made by a third party, caused by or resulting from a violation by you of these general conditions or a violation by you of any legal provisions or any rights of the aforementioned third party. This guarantee relates both to the principle of any damages and interest and to any legal costs.

These general conditions do not create any link relating to subordination, mandate, participating company, joint company, franchising/franchisee or employer/employee between the site and yourself.


It is possible that private or professional members or surfers who enter the site may access it via links to third party products or services. In this case, these users must take note; they must understand and accept that by clicking on these links they may access the page of a third party. This page is not the responsibility of us, even if this third party is a member of this site.


Any breach observed by a member or by us; statements, written statements, sounds, acts or actions contrary to these General Conditions or their spirit may, depending on the circumstances or the gravity of the offence, lead to the following consequences for the member who is at fault :
  • Suspension of the advertisement(s) and a warning.
  • Definitive removal of the advertisement(s).
  • Temporary exclusion of the member (this period is counted as part of their subscription).
  • Definitive exclusion with no compensation for the remaining subscription that is not used.
  • Potential legal proceedings.

Note: any failure to respect these conditions in relation to the “meeting” category within the site will lead to immediate removal and expulsion. This also applies to any failure to respect the "PROHIBITED ON THIS SITE" section of these General Conditions.
Removals, exclusions and/or expulsions result in a loss for the interested party alone and cannot be the subject of any refund, even partial, of any money paid. So, respect the rules.


Users are strictly prohibited from circulating, either directly or indirectly, any information, message, advertisement, photograph or advertising or sales proposal, regardless of its nature or form, which :
  • Constitutes a threat to a person or group.
  • Is contrary to good morals or public order, or is pornographic, sexual or paedophilic in nature.
  • Shows photographs of children, even in photographs which present goods or products.
  • Is defamatory, insulting, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or revisionist, or which may damage someone else’s honour, probity or reputation.
  • Encourages hatred or discrimination against a group of people or an individual person, regardless of their gender, due to their membership or non-membership of an ethnic group, a region of the world, a nation, a country, a state, a race, a skin colour or a religion.
  • May incite or encourage a person or group of people to commit suicide, to commit a crime, an offence or an infraction, to commit acts of terrorism, to attempt to recruit for sects, terrorist groups or groups which are involved in crime.
  • Offer weapons, ammunition, explosive powders or liquids, including as spare parts or components (except for the “hunting” category for firearms and as long as specific legislation in this domain is respected to the letter).
  • Offer anything that comes from a theft or is not the property of the advertiser.
The following also applys:
  • An absolute ban on discussing any political, religious, sex, medical or military subjects: logos, symbols, images, sounds, comments, written statements, material, products, etc.


  • Respect brand rights.
  • Respect the rights of people (image and private life).
  • Respect copyright (sounds, images, software, programs, photographs).
  • Respect the right of artists and database producers.
  • Respect the rights of physical people in virtue of current legislation concerning personal data rights, particularly law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to I.T, files and liberties.
  • In general, respect all rights of goods and people.
  • Accept, that by attaching photographs to advertisements, others may then find out their origin, their beliefs and their preferences and that you accept all direct and/or indirect consequences of this.
  • Abandon any recourse against VIP TO VIP in the event of any proceedings launched against them by a third party because of their exploitation or illegal use of the site.


The site is designed to create a fun and friendly community between yourselves: a service, which is freely available. It is therefore normal for operating rules to be adopted: these General Conditions act as these rules.
The number of members should increase quickly. It is therefore stat"contact" site running smoothly and properly.


We cannot be held responsible for any technical problems or other issues which may make access to the site, or any sites linked to it, impossible, random, slow, illegible or difficult. This applies regardless of the source and/or origin of the information present on the site. We do everything in its power to provide precise and up-to-date information and cannot be held responsible for any interpretations, errors or omissions.

We have a resource obligation and will do its very best to maintain operational service so that you get the service that you expect. Nevertheless, VIP TO VIP cannot be held responsible for any faults that may exist, nor for any damages, costs, loss of data, loss of profit, loss of time, direct or indirect damages, loss of financial or commercial operations, loss of programs, damages, viruses, worms, logic bombs or piracy that may occur or infect IT equipment or other property belonging to users of the site.

The site is also required to provide regular maintenance for this site. Therefore, we will choose periods of very low activity. These operations are necessary, and we hope that you will understand the need for them and will excuse us for any temporary inconvenience caused.


We cannot be held responsible and will not pay any damages and/or interest if, despite our regular backups and protection measures, a malicious act or serious technical incident erases data between two backups. If this type of unlikely event occurs, we will be unable to re-establish your advertisements and you will be required to re-type them. In this case, if your account is erased after you have made a payment which is received by our bank, we will, of course, establish a new one for you. At most, only data you enter between two backups or during a backup will be affected


Members are obliged to keep their ID secret and not divulge it in any way. If members lose any of their identification elements, or if they are stolen or defrauded, users must inform us without delay.

In addition, members (whether private individuals or professionals) are responsible for how their IDs are used, regardless of this use. Any access to this site, any use of the site and any data transmission made from the member’s account (private individual or professional) will be considered to have been made by this member. In order to ensure confidentiality of the IDs for which they are responsible, members are required to ensure that they fully disconnect from the site at the end of each session. Moreover, members are advised not to pre-record their identifiers on their computer or any other type of equipment that enables automatic connection to the site.


In principle, and if the members use the site properly, the site does not present any danger for minors. Nevertheless, to be sure that your children are not placed in danger, or do not use this site without your knowledge, we will only allow them to access and use the site under the supervision and express responsibility of their parents or legal guardians (keep your ID and password secret). There are parental lock possibilities, so, in order to avoid imposing the choice on you or changing your habits, we would ask you to find out about this subject by, for example, typing "website parental lock" into a search engine.
If you are new to IT and would like information about the parental lock, please contact your Internet service provider. Practically all providers offer the possibility of a parental lock.
You can also configure your computer so that your sessions or user accounts are separate from those of your children or third parties. You can also password protect these accounts. Please refer to the technical manual for your computer's operating system.
Note that our site contains links to sites for adults (free and fee-paying games). A written warning is therefore displayed.


Some parts of the sections, paragraphs, passages or words in these General Conditions may be considered as not legal in relation to the legislation of certain countries, states, etc. In this case, they are considered as unwritten, with the other sections remaining valid.
Each user promises to respect the laws and regulations laid down in French legislation.Only the commercial court of la Meuse (France) is competent to take a decision on all disputes likely to occur between parties relative to the execution of the General Conditions and for which no amicable resolution can be found.


Members :
  • Payment can only be made online by bank card, using banking services of Paypal. The secure online process is covered by the SSL standard and is therefore extremely secure. We will send you a confirmation e-mail when we receive your payment. This will serve as an invoice and we would encourage you to print it out and/or save it.

Professionals :
  • An advance deposit is required before access codes can be obtained and before any advertisements can be published on the site. This is why online payment is strongly advised and favoured.
  • Payments by bank transfer or cheque are accepted – they just increase the time delay before you can access the site. Please contact us before : contact@viptovip.com
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail when we receive your payment. This will serve as an invoice and we would encourage you to print it out.


RATE Private member : NO VAT (excluding VAT -art. 293 B du CGI)
6 months ............................. 10.00 euros
1 year................................ 15.00 euros
2 years............................... 20.00 euros
Ads THE TOP: 6 places only. Contact us
PROS PREMIUM Ads: 2 places only: contact us.
PROS TOP PREMIUM Ads: use this address: contact@viptovip.com with subject to posting: ADS TOP PREMIUM. We may refuse certain ads without having to justify ourselves.
Reminder: you have an unlimited number of advertisements.

RATE Professional member : NO VAT - excluding VAT -art. 293 B du CGI)
2 years............................ € 110.00
1 year.............................. € 60.00
1 month........................... € 30.00
Ads THE TOP: 6 places only: contact us.
PROS PREMIUM Ads: 2 places only: contact us.
PROS TOP - PREMIUM Ads: use this address: contact@viptovip.com with subject to posting: ADS TOP PREMIUM. We may refuse certain ads without having to justify ourselves.
Reminder: you have an unlimited number of advertisements.


Prices are indicated in Euros excluding VAT.
NO VAT (excluding VAT -art. 293 B du CGI): 0 %.


The user account is for personal use only.
Consequently users are prohibited from transferring, handing over or sub-licensing their rights as a user to anyone.
Private members may allow other people to use their accounts (same e-mail address), knowing, that if this is the case the member frees of this site from any responsibility for the consequences of this use which must comply, under all circumstances, with these General Conditions of use. However, this possibility is not open to professionals


The publication of this site in the media is subject to conditions. All media outlets are welcome and are invited to contact us: « contactpresse@viptovip.com ».


The entirety of the site is covered by French and international copyright and industrial property law. All reproduction rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographic representations. The reproduction of all or part of this site, on any medium, is formally prohibited, except where express authorisation is granted by us. In this case, the following 3 conditions must be respected:
  • No modification or alteration, i.e. respect the integrity of documents.
  • Clearly and legibly mention the source in the following format: "Document produced by the VIP TO VIP website: www.viptovip.com. Reproduction rights are strictly limited".
  • It is absolutely prohibited to mention names or pseudonyms of members or provide any indication that may identify them.


When you register you will regularly receive a copy of our newsletter if you checked the newsletter box on the registration form. The aim of the newsletter is to inform you about all the new features on the site itself, pass on messages from management, provide general answers to questions and present certain professionals or artists as well as their products or work. All subjects may be dealt with, at VIP TO VIP’s discretion.


We would ask you to consult these General Conditions regularly. In fact, VIP TO VIP reserves the right to modify or complete them at any time and without notice. Specific conditions or sales conditions may also be added to them.
The site may also be improved.



These General Sales Conditions exclusively govern the commercial relationships with our private and professional members presented on the www.viptovip.com site and are, more generally, applicable to all commercial documents produced by our company.
All registrations imply the prior consultation and acceptance of these General Conditions and General Sales Conditions, which may be accessed on this site and which you may print out.
It is understood that people who are considered to be legally incapable of signing a contract under articles 1123 and the following ones of the Civil Code, notably minor, non-emancipated children, must obtain authorisation from their legal representative prior to any registration.
Our offers are only valid within the conditions advertised.


Prices are indicated in Euros excluding VAT.
NO VAT art. 293 B du CGI.
We reserve the right to not honour a registration in the case of a legitimate reason as defined by regulations (dispute related to an earlier registration, abnormal request from the customer) or simply due to the existence of a prior dispute.


Payment is made online by bank card when you register.
The bank cards which are accepted are mentioned in the Paypal online payment system present on this site. Any payments by debit card are debited immediately. Your payments are made secure (SSL security standard) via our online bank and we are not informed of your bank details.
For payments by bank transfer or cheque, your advertising space will be accessible once our bank has informed us that we have received the payment. This avoids any dispute or refusal by the bank (a few days are therefore necessary for us to send your access codes).


We do not at any point intervene in your sales activities or transactions. We cannot be held responsible for any dispute in which you are involved. Your commercial relations are strictly private affairs between yourselves and we are not informed of them in any way. Nevertheless, if a private member encounters problems with a professional, please let us know. This is part of the service we wish to offer to our members. If several members have a dispute with the same professional, we will send this professional a warning letter which may result in exclusion.


These General Sales Conditions and the contractual relations connected to them are governed by French law. The language for this contract is French, but it is translated into English for convenience on the section of the site available in English.
Only the commercial court of la Meuse (France) is competent to take a decision on all disputes for which no amicable resolution can be found.


The www.viptovip.com site and all its elements are the exclusive property of us. Use of this site is strictly reserved for personal use. Any use, reproduction, exploitation, representation, etc. in whole or in part and on any medium whatsoever, for anything other than personal use is prohibited and may be penalised by law, notably under the laws of counterfeit. All hypertext links which directly connect to this site must be the subject of express prior authorisation from us.