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Always conscious of respecting your right to privacy and protecting the information that you have provided, we respect the privacy laws that are in place. Our request for your personal details for the purpose of any long distance sale is obligatory as these details are necessary for the handling and transportation of orders and the creation of invoices and contracts of guarantee. Failure to provide these details will result in an order being rendered void. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (‘Informatique et Libertés’) the handling of the clients’ personal details is subject to regulation by the CNIL (the French equivalent of the Information Commissioner’s Office). As stipulated in article 34 of the law passed on 6 January 1978, the client has the right to access, modify, correct and delete the data relevant to them, which can be done with VIP to VIP. Additionally, we refuse to share clients’ information with any third parties.

Conscious of the trust that clients put in us when they make their purchases, we are careful to respect the privacy of the collected data. At the moment you pay your order you will access internet pages that are completely secure. There are two ways to ensure that the pages are secure:

1. secure pages will show an icon at the bottom of the
2. le https:// (pour http sécurisé) apparaît en en tête de l'adresse Internet de la page.

When you proceed to pay for your purchases by bank card, the data that you enter in the order form (name, surname, home address, card number, etc.) will be encrypted during the switch from one page to the next. The encryption allows us to guarantee you total security. To do this we use the best encryption technology on the market, SSL. SSL (Socket Layer technology), an encryption system to secure online payment, ensures the reliability of transactions by encrypting your bank details, which are indispensable to us to process the orders, at the very moment that they are entered. During the transfer of this data, it is impossible for anyone to read it.