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How many small ads as you want !!!

This section will be regularly updated so that you will be able to benefit from questions that have already been asked.
We have deliberately created a website that is simple to use in the knowledge that many users may not necessarily be familiar with IT.
Hence, you will be able to apply the same principles when putting up any type of advert to simplify the use of the website, whether you are a private or a professional user.

As the site is new, please spread the word about our website, which will in turn enable your adverts to reach a wider audience.

Important information:

Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you automatically and immediately after validation of your account. If you cannot see it, remember to look in your Junk Mail box as it is possible that it may have been filtered.
Your login name will also be the name by which you will be identified by other users of the website and by VIP TO VIP. It will be the main way in which you are identified on the website, along with your email address, so forgetting or losing it will mean that you will no longer be able to use the site. Therefore, choose a login name that you will not be able to forget.


Err on the side of caution during transactions with other users.
Contact us if something seems unusual, abusive or contravenes the rules of the site.
If you feel as though you are in danger or are put in danger by the website contact us and the relevant authorities.
Parents, activate the parental control feature with your internet provider.
Keep your login and password secret.
We have nothing to hide, but read our terms and conditions so that everything is clear for both parties.

How do I contact VIP TO VIP?

Please write to us so we have everything down on record.
We recommend communication by email: contact@viptovip.com

How do I register?

Private users: click on New member: inscription and follow the instructions.

Professional users: click on New Pro: inscription and follow the instructions.

Do you archive the adverts?

NO. All adverts that have been deleted or expired are definitively deleted, unless renewed by the user. You will, therefore, need to create a new one.

Can anyone have access to VIPTOVIP ?

Yes, by clicking on ‘Pour voir les annonces publiques :je clique ici.’ (‘For seeing public advertisements, click here !’) or ‘POUR VOIR LES ANNONCES : je clique ici’ (‘FOR SEEING ADVERTISSEMENTS, click here !’) all internet users can access the home page, our VIPs’ public adverts and the professional adverts. The rest of the website is reserved for our members.

Can we attach photographs to our adverts ?

Yes, you can attach up to 8 photographs to your adverts. They must be in .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .BMP, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF format and be a maximum of 300 Kb in size. Users of the website will be able to enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

What sort of professionals can advertise on VIP to VIP?

Any professional who fulfils the criteria stipulated in our Conditions Générales (General Conditions) can advertise on the site.
Professional adverts; from artisans selling their produce to people selling luxury homes, all sectors and countries are accepted.

My account has disappeared.

This is normal if you have not renewed your subscription with us despite our reminders. If this is the case, you must register again (as if you were a new member).

I’ve lost my login or password.

Your login is the name by which you are identified by other users and by VIP TO VIP. It will be the main way in which you are identified on the website, along with your e-mail address, so forgetting or losing it will mean that you are no longer able to use the site.Therefore, choose a login name that you will not be able to forget.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, click on ‘mot de passe oublié?’ (‘Forgotten password?’) and follow the instructions.

Do you take any commission from the sales?

No. You will be acting in a strictly private capacity during transactions, whether this is between private users, professional users or between private and professional users.
All we kindly ask from our members, if they wish, is that they make a gesture of goodwill for our VIPs.


Private or professional users can print or save their invoices. You can access them on ‘Mon compte’ (‘My account’), ‘Mes factures’ (‘My invoices’).